Change Sublime Text INI Comment Character

# Native high availability cluster method with optional load balancer.
# If no lb group is defined installer assumes that a load balancer has
# been preconfigured. For installation the value of
# openshift_master_cluster_hostname must resolve to the load balancer
# or to one or all of the masters defined in the inventory if no load
# balancer is present.

# default subdomain to use for exposed routes

# Configure metricsPublicURL in the master config for cluster metrics
# See:

# Enable cockpit

If you're bothered by having a semicolon ; instead of hash/pound # character as default for toggling comments in Sublime Text follow these steps to change it.

  1. Install PackageResourceViewer
  2. Open the command palette
  3. Type PRV: O
  4. Select PackageResourceViewer: Open Resource
  5. Select INI
  6. Select Comments.tmPreferences
  7. Edit the TM_COMMENT_START value from ; to # as desired
  8. Save the file
  9. Use the toggle comment functionality on an INI file and see that it now uses # instead of ;